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Studies examine Cranial bleeding in infants, Breast Cancer Treatment OutcomesPregnancy & Childbirth’intracranial hemorrhage in asymptomatic neonates: Prevalence of MR images and relationship to obstetric and neonatal risk factors ‘Radiology: Honor Wolfe of the University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill School of Medicine and colleagues used magnetic resonance imaging to study 44 male and 44 female infants aged between 1 week and five weeks . Sixty – five of the children were delivered vaginally and 23 were delivered by cesarean section. The researchers found that among the vaginal deliveries, 17 babies, or 27 percent, experienced intracranial bleeding. None of the infants delivered by c-sections intracranial hemorrhage experienced after the study. Most of the hemorrhages were small and occurred between the brain and the membrane covering, inside the skull, the study found (Dunham, Reuters, The researchers said that most of the bleeding heals quickly and does not produce any long-term complications. Researchers plan 100th to verify the children aged between one and two for possible long-term effects from the bleeding. According to the researchers, the study results should do not support for the c-section deliveries. ‘At this point, neither parents nor providers should to deliver to deliver,’said Wolfe (Maugh, Los Angeles Times.

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