More High School Athletes Using Dip and Chew.

Teens may also think the products will enhance their athletic performance, King said. The latest report used data from the nationwide Youth Risk Behavior Surveys, which includes high school students throughout the United States. The results were published on the web Sept. 4 in the CDC’s Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Record. The researchers discovered that the more sports teens played, the more likely these were to use smokeless tobacco. During 2013, 12.5 % of teens who played three or more sports used smokeless tobacco, compared with 11.5 % among those that played two sports, ten % among those who performed one sport and 6 % among nonathletes, the study said. In contrast, the usage of cigarettes and cigars was 16 % for college students on three or more sports teams, 17 % for all those on two teams, 20 % for those on one team and 21 % for nonathletes, the researchers said.To date, he has brought and recruited 19 healthcare suppliers to developing countries. Gardner devotes a lot of his work to assisting developing countries enhance their personal medical infrastructure. He was also instrumental in developing a sustainable healthcare model in Honduras through the Village Wellness Worker program, where people surviving in remote places are trained to identify, treat, or refer patients with medical problems that place them at high-risk of death. This Village Health Worker Model is currently being expanded to many other developing countries.

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