Mexico has developed the swine flu to spread quickly around the world.

First, Mexico has developed the swine flu to spread quickly around the world, with about 50 cases in the United States from 28 However, it was only lethal to those in Mexico – in all other cases as mild as mild, with most patients after spontaneous. ‘the World Health Organization has informed the public to be aware that a pandemic is entirely possible, ‘Macey warned. ‘But I think we’re all cautiously optimistic, that the effects of swine flu are minimal throughout the world.

For best results, advises Macey to the water as hot as you can stand it, and wash for 30 seconds. – The other best way First, the spread of the disease to stay home if you are sick, Macey given. Not going to work. Do not send your children to school. It is better for a few days work missing, then to infect your entire office. While admitting that lack of work is usually easier said than done, Macey pointed out that people usually recover a few days to rest for a few days in full..UNAIDS further welcomes decision to make the Merck ATRIPLA available differentiated prices and promotes the pharmaceutical industry at as a whole, to redouble their efforts to rapidly improvement of the affordability and accessibility from quality medicines and technology with low or middle income.

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