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MedSurg Nursing supports adult health / medical – surgical nurses as. For excellence in patient care, and seek private practice patient care institutions in urban, suburban and rural areas Each peer-reviewed issue MedSurg Nursing offers a comprehensive discussion and description of the current clinical issues in adult health / medical-surgical nursing. MedSurg Nursing and AMSN are committed to the advancement of adult health / medical-surgical nursing practice. The magazine is published six times a year.. Measure blood pressure accurately in an ambulatory cardiology clinic setting: Did patient position and timing Really Matter? Melly Turner, RN-BC, et al.

In an eye-opening report on the most common diagnostic test, the patients in the doctor’s office, say researchers Melly Turner and her colleagues found that in the proper position in the correct position – sitting in a chair, back supported, feet on the floor, with the arm at heart level – had lower blood pressure levels consistently and clearly than the usual examination table option. The chair by the by the American Heart Association Guidelines for Blood Pressure Assessment and Joint National Committee on Prevention, Detection, Evaluation and Treatment of High Blood Pressure .Must find out Low Liver Cancer I Survival and Show Prices Among Laos / Hmong people – American.

While much more frequently elsewhere of the world, liver cancer incidence in the U.S. On the rise, and death rates from the disease men and women increasing more rapidly as a for any other form of cancer. Medical procedures of hepatic cancer are limited and may include surgery and liver transplant. Filipino – most common form of liver cancer.

‘We believe that hepatitis B – induced liver cancers be controlled,’he said. ‘We have an effective vaccine , and with the combining both screening and treatment can we finally eliminate the liver cancer.’ – Other authors of the study include Sandy Kwong of Cancer Surveillance and Research Branch of the California Department of Public Health and Susan L. Stewart, a biostatistician and associate associate professor in the Department of Medicine from UC in San Francisco..