Medical Mutual is a physician-owned company.

North Carolina: The North Carolina Academy of Trial Lawyers asked on Tuesday state Insurance Commissioner Jim Long, to examine whether the largest malpractice insurer in the state illegally physicians ‘excessive ‘premium rates charged Charlotte Observer reports. ‘Medical Mutual is a physician-owned company, provides professional liability for some 6,300 doctors in the state. State insurance department spokesman Chrissy Pearson said that the department would consider the request by NCATL.

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Arizona: The Arizona House on Tuesday rejected a bill , the plaintiffs difficult misconduct lawsuits against ER doctors and staff who would have to win Arizona Republic reports. The legislation, which the state Senate approved in January obliged obliged plaintiff in such malpractice lawsuits, ‘clear and convincing evidence ‘that the care they receive does not meet professional standards, rather than provide a ‘preponderance of the evidence. ‘By supporters, the bill would frivolous lawsuits to increased to increased malpractice insurance premiums and prices have led to have prevented leave the state leave the state.The developing these candidates emphasizes the significant expertise and commitment to the field of addictive on Alkermes.

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