Many treatment plans are available to take care of all types of acne.

Scrubbing excessively with any over-the-counter preparation can actually cause pimples to worsen by additionally annoying the hair follicles. Prescription medications: Doctors can prescribe medications when pimples becomes moderate to severe or is not controlled by over-the-counter medicines. Prescription drugs can be used alone or in conjunction with other prescription and nonprescription medicines effectively. Azalaic acid products: These products are of help in mild pimples composed mainly of comedones. The are unlikely to produce inflammation and so are applied a day twice. Antibiotics: Antibiotics can be effective in dealing with most inflammatory acne .There are natural and safe treatments for addressing acne and other epidermis disorders as well as prescription medications. The main problem with prescription medicated acne solutions is normally that often they cause severe side effects such as for example birth defect. There are all natural things that help fight acne efficiently and cheaply. Look for these elements in the next acne-fighting item before ordering. Below I have listed a few of these ingredients. Vitamin A Vitamin A contributes to the strengthening of your protective tissue; it prevents acne.