Linda Shelton.

Linda Shelton, a fitness and wellness authority and author, has five different personality types that athletes and coaches alike use to develop personalized lasting fitness regimens and recognize potential pitfalls identified. Some people can of more than one of more than one of the following types, says Shelton. – ‘With the personality types is a good way to structure an exercise routine so that you not only guessing what might work, and maybe not,’Shelton said. ‘It’s about knowing what drives a person and use this knowledge to help someone stick even enjoy even enjoy. ‘.

2005 Advisory Board Company and Kaiser Family Foundation. All rights reserved.. Squigglie: Squigglies most have unlocked at least be structured personality. They are the exact opposite of squares and hate routine. Squigglies have pleasure in what work they do, or they can stop. Possible case: Getting bored. Squigglies should try an extremely varied routine that involves many different classes and new activities to maintain interest in exercise.

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