Leucine is one of nine essential amino acids must take people as we can not synthesize.

The researchers observed the effect in melanoma cells with a mutation in the RAS / MEK signaling pathway – the most common mutation found in the deadliest form of skin cancer.Leucine is one of nine essential amino acids must take people as we can not synthesize. These nine, along with 12 non – essential amino acids, the building blocks of the proteins in the muscles are and normal and normal cellular functions. Cellular amino acid levels and other nutrients are monitored by the mTOR pathway. Typically, when the level of one or more amino acids to strongly decreases, the mTOR is is turned off, which activates a process called autophagy.

During autophagy, the cell attempts to boost amino acid levels by breaking down the cell protein-based structures back into their amino acid components. As if there were to the entire body breaking down fat and muscle when For a cell diet. For a cell autophagy is a short-term survival mechanism. – After their paper in the May issue of Cancer Cell published, the researchers found in the lab of Whitehead Institute Member David Sabatini that with RAS / MEK pathway melanoma mutations short-circuit this chain of events. – ‘The weird thing is, when you remove this one essential amino acid, leucine, the melanoma cells autophagy autophagy,’says Sabatini, the investigators also a professor of biology at MIT and a Howard Hughes Medical Institute .The be mental Health Foundation leading UK charity to services for people with mental health issues and those with learning disabilities to be. Improve promotion, to fund only charity Soccer both service users and providers and plays an important role in the financing out of research and new approaches to promotion, treatment and maintenance.

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