Katherine Gowan.

Presentation of TYR peptide by HLA-A*0201 may also mediate the increased loss of partial self-tolerance to tyrosinase.35 We therefore tested epistasis between HLA-A SNP rs12206499 and TYR SNP rs1393350 with logistic regression analysis, using SNP genotypes from the genomewide association replication and study arranged 1, thereby detecting evidence of significant epistasis between HLA-A and TYR . Discussion We identified 10 independent susceptibility loci for generalized vitiligo. Generally, these associations were seen in both the subgroup of individuals with vitiligo only and the subgroup with vitiligo and concomitant autoimmune diseases . PTPN22 was the exception; the risk allele was significantly more prevalent among individuals with generalized vitiligo and other autoimmune illnesses.The program is to build up, in three years, a mobile robot that interacts with elderly users, monitors their house environments, and provides cognitive assistance in lifestyle. The project is launched within the second contact of the Ambient Assisted Living – Joint Program under the coordination of Prof. Frank Wallhoff. Existing concrete applications integrated into the cellular ALIAS robot will facilitate daily life of elderly users. Examples are: proactive communication initiation with speech recognition ; Internet phone services including video calls; Internet chat between elderly people including support for cross-lingual chat; online gaming with friends; ‘Agebook’; E-cards; reading from newspapers and other sources aloud, using speech synthesis; and assisted mobility.