Innocent civilians are becoming held up at gunpoint.

Instead, teaching strategies should encourage officers of the peace to build positive relations with the public. Officers ought not to be trained to provoke and control others but rather learn to be reasonable, principled gentlemen. If officers were taught to respect others’ property, then there will be less unnecessary prying into people’s homes and vehicles for things that do no harm and are none of their business. The Fourth Amendment should be respected. Six: To enforce officer accountability, departments could equip officers with wearable video cameras. A yearlong research at the Rialto police department in California demonstrated that the usage of ‘officer worn cams reduced the rate of use-of-force incidents by 59 %’ and ‘usage of the cameras led to an 87.5 % reduction in complaints’ from civilians.We are able to transform lives of females by making 3D mammography the typical breast cancer screening tool, said Karen T. Stall , founder of the Karen T. Stall Research Breast Institute which provided some of the funding for the research and purchase of 3D equipment. Findings in Dr. Rose's paper show that 3D mammograms get over many limitations of conventional mammography, missed cancers and unneeded recalls namely, stated Peter Soltani , PhD., Hologic Senior Vice General and President Supervisor, Breast Health. Hologic is the manufacturer of the gear found in the Dr. Rose research.. ADHD symptoms might mask autism in young kids Symptoms related to attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder might overshadow or mask autism spectrum disorder in very young children, a fresh study reveals.