Including nurses overall work satisfaction.

Not only does attrition represent a substantial unnecessary expense, qualified nurses bring the knowledge, experience and self-confidence that are essential for high-quality individual care and the smooth functioning of organizations,’ says Karen Harvey, RN, MSN, AACN certification applications specialist.. AACN Advanced Critical Care features symposium series on benefits of certification for clinicians The January-March issue of AACN Advanced Critical Care features a symposium series focused on the advantages of certification for clinicians and guidelines to encourage a culture of certification within teams of acute and critical care professionals.We.T. ‘A growing body of evidence points to a positive correlation between certification and a bunch of issues facing employers, including nurses’ overall work satisfaction, their perceptions of empowerment and their intention to keep their current placement,’ Tracy says.Experts state such obesity in a kid is abuse. The proportion of under-11s who are obese in England and Wales rose from 9.9 per cent in 1995 to 13.4 per cent in 2004, and signs of center diabetes and disease are said to be soaring among the youthful.

Access Pharmaceuticals and Somanta Pharmaceuticals sign merger agreement Access Pharmaceuticals and Somanta Pharmaceuticals possess announced that they have signed a definitive merger contract by which Access can acquire Somanta. The firms got previously announced the execution of a non-binding Letter of Intent regarding the merger. Under the terms of the merger agreement, Access shall issue 1.5 million shares of common stock to Somanta stockholders in trade for all your outstanding capital stock of Somanta.