In their study of 29 women born with the syndrome.

In their study of 29 women born with the syndrome, the researchers found that 38 per cent opted to vaginal surgery Comparing those who surgery. With those who do not have researchers found that both groups rates rates of sexual activity: Eighty % of those who chose not have surgery were sexually active, compared to 70 % of those who had surgery.

Most inter – sex women do not require vaginal reconstruction, Hopkins Study Showscleaning a common myth, researchers from the Johns Hopkins Children Center of vaginal reconstruction should tell a matter of preference for most teens or adult women with a kind of born inter – sex are state of female and male of female and male genitals. The results of the research are in the 26th American Academy of Pediatrics Conference October, 30th Presented in October in San Francisco.‘I needed a substance have been isolated. Degradation of the protein, I would preclude the cancer cells of, ‘says Nisar Malek: ‘. This molecule is, all probability, would have a good anti-cancer agent make it ‘.. The based for this breakthrough to observe the MHH scientist Prof. Nisar Malek been together: he was looking into the role of a specific protein – a so-called cyclin kinase inhibitors – into development of cancer. In the process, Malek introduced in that mice in which of breakdown of the kinase inhibitor was suppressed by genetic change have a significantly lower risk colon cancer.

In the process, they stumbled upon a completely new mechanism, which been disclosed in a disclosed in a publication at the non plus ultra of oncology journals, ‘CancerCell ‘. ‘Argyrin blocks the molecular machinery used the cell that degrades proteins which are no longer needed,’said Malek, ‘and thereby naturally also to the breakdown of the kinase retardants question, its absence of which triggers cancer. ‘ – The team of researchers more detailed detailed studies of the effect of the argyrin with mice: ‘If we treat animals with a Krebs to argyrin ‘says Nisar Malek, ‘which tumor is no longer growing, she assumes up to 50 per cent , and there will begin for breakdown inwardly. Antitumor activities hardly identified adverse reactions , although the findings into Cancer Cell published be considered by scientists as an important result but only the first step of a long journey ‘Research ‘Research argyrin remain in a fast pace, ‘says Markus Kalesse: ‘We are Already a amending argyrin molecule in all view Details and about look to see if it possible Our further.