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The Fox Chase researchers used a variety of approaches to study the DKC1 mutation in cells of humans with dyskeratosis congenita and in a genetically modified mouse model.In study recruited Dr. St zone, 243 men at the office scheduled to undergo prostate biopsy to Department of Urology at the Mayo Clinic. The researchers by chance men for three different kinds of anesthesia assigned: injection between the prostate base and seminal vesicle when the neurovascular bundle is; intraprostatic injection the very substance of the gland, from base to the apex, and injections ambient the prostate peak and rectum tissue. Of the biopsies were greeted with a side-fire An ultrasound probe and a biopsy gun. Biopsies were made six to said right and left side of the prostate patient that are occur the peripheral zone, where most of cancer. – – The results of the study have to be examined from other researchers in a larger trial, Other investigator have: Jonathan Routh, MD, Amy Krambeck, MD, Samir Siddiqui, MD, Jeffrey Slezak; Lance Mynderse, MD, Michael Flowering, and Matthew Gettman, disc.

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