In spite of this gap in knowledge.

In spite of this gap in knowledge, about half the respondents were to actually do something to reduce sodium, report that they have never. Salt either at the table or during cooking – It is good news that Canadians to understand some of the questions is about excessive sodium consumption, and that at least half are willing to adjust their behavior salt salt, said Farmer, a professor of agricultural food production and nutritional science at the U A. most respondents in this study realized that canned or processed foods are among the highest sources of dietary sodium. But the results also show that. Still room for more training .

Reported find it difficult to shake the salt habitCanadians know that too much salt is is not good for your diet, but to shake half further on, according to a new study from the University of Alberta researchers.

Farmer salt salt – reduction messages aimed at young adults between 18 and 24 years and families with small children. Fewer people to understand in this age group, for example, that salt is consumed the greatest contribution to total sodium that food cooked from scratch on re generally lower sodium. Families with young children have. The least confidence in their knowledge of sodium diet and were less likely to read nutrition information for sodium content.Studies Characterisation and explaining the reasons for the delay in diagnosis are in the early stages. The scant studies on who did through methodical weaknesses how to limited retrospective reviews. As the prelude to a large audit trial diagnosing and treating delay in the Canadian children with cancer Tam Dang – Tan, an epidemiology PhD working with Dr. Eduardo Franco from McGill University in Montreal, led the first analysis of all the studies published of general trends and federations looking in the this issue.

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