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If true in humans, could allow for the observation instead of doctors to treat or prevent heart defects before birth by focusing on fetal heart formation to cope with the consequences of heart defects in babies after birth, the researchers said. Only transparent butt of the mutation on the formation valve can not be detected in a mouse or human because the developing embryo would die quickly if the valve failed to allow blood from the heart, starving the growing embryo of oxygen. But the zebrafish embryo is so small that they can survive without blood circulation for several days – long enough for the researchers conclude that the single mutation in a gene involved in heart contraction defective heart valve led formation..

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‘Virtual colonoscopy will sure to playing a role in the future of Bowel cancer screening for,’said Gastroenterologists Richard S. Bloom field of, assistant professor of medicine from Wake Forest Baptist and Where a Member of the research team. ‘It is important to that the implications of the findings outside the colon before we to advocate widespread use of this technology. ‘.. ###Bloomsburg field of and another to be their insights for Wednesday, October 25 will present at the American College of Gastroenterology Annual Scientific meeting of , Las Vegas, national nevada A summary of study in the September 2006 issue of been printed the American Journal of Gastroenterology.

Whentual’ Colonoscopy significantly more expensiveWake Forest University School Baptist Medical Center researchers discovered to ‘virtual ‘colonoscopy using a computer tomography scanner is much more expensive than the conventional methods based on the detecting suspicious pictures outside the colon.