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Some Of The Supplements And Their Benefits The supplements have already been combined to appeal to the different conditions and diseases within the world. This means that you will have to choose the best supplements for your condition carefully. Is a listing of probably the most used supplements Below. * Triphala; this is a common herb found in Ayurvedic medicine to boost digestive system. The herb contains three major ingredients that help in promoting appropriate digestion plus they include; Amalaki, Bibhitaki and Haritaki.This medication could be quickly taken with food nevertheless, you want to remember one thing that it might cause certain side effects on your own body. Therefore, you should be very careful in this respect. The recommended dosage should be taken on a regular basis in order that no issues come up later on. The price of misoprostol is fairly affordable and you can purchase it from the market easily. However, for some people the cost could be a little bit high and that means you need to plan your budget cautiously. The best thing that you can do can be to go to your doctor and ask him if he could give you this medication for a discounted price or free.