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There ‘s a long way between knowing something that kill bacteria and find out the exact process by which the bacteria will be killed, said Irina ARTSIMOVITCH, a study co-author and an assistant professor of microbiology at Ohio State. Other antibiotics also inhibit RNA polymerase, but the, E.coli in this study a radically different inhibitory mechanism.. How many bacterial inhibitors, this new class of compounds – inhibits RNA polymerase, the key enzyme in the gene – called the CBR703 series.

Chosen you and your employees to study the effects of inhibitors on CBR703 E.coli because the RNA polymerase enzyme in many organisms is similar to that found in the E. Coli bacteria. CBR703 compounds are not commercial commercial antibiotics. Of chemical compounds, CBR703 inhibitors of gene expression in E. Coli seemed to stop, the researchers found that the compounds do not inhibit RNA polymerase in human cells. Finding this lack of restraint from human cells is the key to development of new drugs, such as some antibiotics could be harmful compounds both bacteria and human cells.

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