He said: This study is the first to an effective an effective pre-pandemic vaccine approach.

He said: This study is the first to an effective an effective pre-pandemic vaccine approach, which means we vaccinate people potentially many years before a pandemic to memory cells that are durable and can generate increased quickly. A single dose of the vaccine, if necessary.

Determine how far the injections have to be given. .. The results of the study in September in September. Stephenson, the Department of Infection, Immunity and Inflammation at the University of Leicester, said: The goal is to find out Earlier this year, what kind of doses of vaccine is required to provide the protection, this is in the planning of the assistance. Vaccination campaign throughout the country. – It is almost certain two doses of vaccine are needed Unlike the seasonal flu, where people’s bodies are partly , fight the virus, the swine flu is a new infection none of us has met before. – the vaccinations during the trails between 1-3 weeks are administered Because of this, your body an initial dose and then to increase the dose required, the lower the dose, the more of the vaccine distributed to the population distributed to the population, the process will also help.With a mouse model from lung cancer, the scientists developed one double -control study, exposure of a third of mice the nebulised CTMP vector, had a third of vector alone and one third of untreated. In this study, to identify our primary goal, whether viral shipping of CTMP valuable tool to design lung tumors may offers treatment, said Dr. We want to demonstrate can CTMP capable of suppressing lung tumors composition in the lung and lentiviral as a beam carrier by CTMP trade. .

‘Our results show to lentiviral mediated CTMP the overexpression repressed Artistic Nude activity of and inhibition disease progression,’wrote Dr. ‘Repeated aerosol gene transfer can be with effectively noninvasive model of gene transfer and of the role of CTMP can be important in the multistep lung cancer tumors of the development of effective therapies for lung cancer. Jul Affairs products examining issues related to public health.

‘spray delivery to the lung is specifically and provides a non – invasive alternative to targeted genes to the lungs,’wrote Myung – Haing Cho , a professor from Seoul National University and principal investigator the trial.