From LS9 San Carlos.

– from LS9 San Carlos, California, in November 2007 announced plans rapidly commercialize their synthetic biology technology to produce hydrocarbon biofuels and chemicals from renewable resources, with a pilot plant in 2008 and availability in the market within four years.

Like isobutanol and 2-phenylethanol. From renewable raw materials.

– Coskata, Warrensville announced this month this month its plans for the next generation of ethanol from biomass, by microbial degradation of synthesis gas. Alone continued, ‘These successive improvements in biofuels technology is only the beginning of America’s transition to be a bio-based economy biotechnology companies new agricultural commodities, bio-based plastics and chemicals produced from renewable resources, the bio-based economy new opportunities for investment to generate. Estimated a year ago, McKinsey & Company, the worldwide market for biofuels would worth $ 61000000000 to 2013 – in clean technology. ‘. Since the adoption of the new energy law McKinsey ‘s revised estimate of the value of the U.S.At Huffington centers on Aging at Baylor, the researchers be also searching on diabetes as age aging and the older population is. Through these efforts, Baylor type 1 or type – 2 diabetes mellitus has from different research disciplines any all stages in life.

This studies that to reclassifying diabetes and identifying new causes the dysfunction to the pancreatic islets.. My name is Larry Changing. I’am gland an endocrinologist the Baylor College of Medicine Baylor College of Medicine Houston. At our institute,, the diabetes research has carried out in several departments, divisions and center. At the basic, we gene gene therapy in which researchers will be able that the formation of new islands of, the insulin plant for the production the body, induce by the liver on diabetic mice developed.