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We wanted to explore how a custom made 3D Printed silicone implant could improve this example. This is in development still, as is definitely Picsima, but this is a significant step forward because Picsima is the only polymer based 3D Printing technology using materials already approved for medical use Related StoriesJust consider it: Giving natural motion to a patient with quadriplegia.. 3D printing silicone breast implants takes one stage closer Sheffield Based Industrial and Item Design consultancy, Fripp Research and Design, announce a breakthrough in the advancement of their 3D Printing technology; Picsima.– Ensure ongoing financial viability of community pharmacies in Alberta, as pharmacists’ functions broaden and demand for pharmacy care and attention increases. – Supply the Alberta federal government with world-class value for expense in pharmacy services and care. This is the beginning of an important process, and we have become motivated by the willingness of the Minister and the Ministry to interact around, said Margaret Wing, Acting Executive-Director of the Alberta Pharmacists’ Association .