Founded in 1995 and incorporated in 2000.

Founded in 1995 and incorporated in 2000, the Association of African American Specialists increases the plight of the underserved communities. AAAP’s community project, the California Elder Care Initiative, helps senior populations by teaching skills necessary to analyze data, organize peers, and prioritize eldercare needs. Since its inception, many seniors have been trained in public policy and also have won awards for their activism from institutions like the University of California at Berkeley.announced today that it will pay cash rewards to ASTI clients who refer friends that in turn purchase an Ecotones or Ecotones Duet straight from ASTI. The new ‘Tell-a-Friend’ program rewards customers for doing what they have already been doing since the 1st Ecotones was introduced late last year: letting friends in on the trick to better sleep. By October 1 ASTI-registered customers, 2009 and new customers who subsequently buy straight from ASTI are enrolled in the program automatically and are sent a unique referral code shortly after their Ecotones or Ecotones Duet arrives they can transfer to friends.