Featured plenary speakers to add: Valerie B.

2015 National Sexual Assault Conference to be held in Los Angeles on September 2-4 The 2015 National Sexual Assault Meeting will be held in Los Angeles on September 2-4, 2015. NSAC 2015 is usually hosted by the California Coalition Against Sexual Assault and co-hosted by the Pennsylvania Coalition Against Rape and the National Sexual Violence Resource Center . Featured plenary speakers to add: Valerie B. More than 1,500 attendees are expected to wait over 100 workshop options.Michael S. Wolf, Ph.D., M.P.H. Of the Feinberg School of Medication, Northwestern University, Chicago, and colleagues utilized data from a study of 2,923 Medicare enrollees in Cleveland, Houston, Tampa, and Fort Lauderdale-Miami, Fla. In a one-hour in-person interview, individuals’ physical and mental health status were assessed. Queries included medical history, alcohol and tobacco make use of and height and fat. Standardized physical and mental wellness test scores were established. The common age of individuals was 71 years. Around one third of these surveyed had marginal or inadequate health literacy. Individuals with lower wellness literacy were more likely to have never smoked and to avoid alcohol than people with adequate health literacy, the researchers survey.