Exhibiting intense conflicts of interest within their reporting.

The so-called ‘vaccine court’ is granted incredible powers to use utterly beyond your Constitution, the Costs of Rights and beyond your rules of due process and law completely. The vaccine court itself – – which isn’t a good court of law – – is certainly a violation of regulation and a violation of basic human rights. It must be abolished like Apartheid. Truth #9) The mainstream media receives a significant part of its revenues from the same drug companies selling vaccines. This financial influence results in the mass media refusing to cover tales about vaccine-damaged children for fear of losing advertising revenues. For this reason the mainstream media often features guests and authors who ridiculously claim that all the vaccine damaged kids across America usually do not can be found or are ‘mere delusions’ of their parents.The Oregonian reports that 52 children with a qualifying medical condition are currently offered by the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program. Discomfort, seizures, nausea and tumor are some of the conditions treated. This isn’t the only condition treating kids with prescription medical marijuana. Last May, the Associated Press reported 44 medical marijuana cards were issued in the state of Michigan. The American Academy of Pediatrics told the AP at that time it did not have a policy on medical marijuana, but was focusing on one. Medical marijuana is legalized in 18 states in addition to Washington D currently.C., during the November elections with Massachusetts becoming the most recent state after its voters enacted legislation.

ACC/AHA launch consensus document to greatly help clinicians reduce risk of hypertension in older adults Hypertension is very common amongst older adults.