Esthetic reconstruction ranges among the most challenging tasks in plastic surgery.

The wish is that patients will not have to suffer this kind of trauma later on. New operative methods in plastic surgery enable surgeons to treat large defects after tumor treatment or because of puppy bites with a far greater cosmetic result. In smaller wounds, the doctor can perform the reconstruction within an individual operation. If more than a quarter of the nose provides been destroyed, the restrictions of the method have been reached: The individual will remain disfigured even after medical procedures. Better esthetic results can be reached by performing several surgical procedures in succession. However, occasionally a satisfactory result can be achieved only by means of amputation and subsequent reconstruction of the severely broken nose.. 7 years without a nose Patients whose nose offers been destroyed by a damage or tumor carry a severe psychological and sociable burden.An interview with Dr Matt SilverBy taking folic acid before pregnancy or through the first couple of weeks after conception, women can markedly lower the risk of neural tube defects in their offspring; the defects frequently manifest themselves as a debilitating health known as spina bifida. The neural tube is developed 22 to 28 times after conception fully, but many women aren’t aware they are pregnant until following this right time. While starting folic acid supplements after this period is as well late to understand benefits, Ray believes the solution is to fortify the food source with folic acid, something that has been done in Canada, the U.S., Israel and Chile.