Developments in Radiation Oncology.

Advances could have a special focus on practice transformation. It shall feature content articles devoted to the influence of bioinformatics, healthcare reform, analytics and other topics that have the potential to improve the practice of radiation oncology fundamentally. The editorial team for Advances has been assembled, and additional logistic and process decisions for the journal are being finalized. All content for this new journal will be managed by the Developments editorial team and published by Elsevier.. ASTRO announces release of Developments in Radiation Oncology journal The American Society for Radiation Oncology is very happy to announce the launch of its brand-new open-access journal, Developments in Radiation Oncology, and selecting its Founding Editor, Robert C.S1 in the Supplementary Appendix . Endogenous TMAO and choline and betaine were present in fasting plasma samples at baseline. Both TMAO and d9-TMAO were readily detected in plasma following the dietary phosphatidylcholine problem at visit 1 . Time-dependent raises in the levels of both TMAO and d9-TMAO were also observed postprandially. Study of 24-hour urine specimens following the phosphatidylcholine challenge also showed the presence of both TMAO and d9-TMAO . A strong correlation was noticed between plasma degrees of TMAO and the absolute urine TMAO level and the urinary ratio of TMAO to creatinine . Time-dependent increases in the plasma levels of both the natural isotopes and d9-tracer types of choline and betaine also elevated after the phosphatidylcholine problem .