Children injured feet deserve prompt treatment

Children injured feet deserve prompt treatment, Full RehabYoung athletes could see to vaporize their sporting dreams, if they do not try to prompt treatment and allow full rehabilitation of foot and ankle injuries . This warning comes today from sports medicine experts meeting in Orlando for the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons Annual Scientific Conference. – Athletic Children play through the pain, ignore injuries, cut rehab short or skip it altogether could face repeated injuries and instability in their feet and ankles well into their teenage years and adulthood. Long-term problems can include osteoarthritis and chronic ankle instability. After the ACFAS Web site people with untreated chronic ankle instability may suffer activity limitations, arthritis and tendon problems.

Duggan says the injuries he has treated include high-level sprains, bruises ankle responsible for transferring weight from the leg to the foot, sesamoid fractures, neuromas and heel injuries. Many injured children can avoid surgery. Instead, the foot and ankle surgeon often immobilize the foot for a certain period with aggressive physical therapy.

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