Back-to-School Ideas for Healthy Teeth: SUNDAY.

In the hustle and bustle of back-to-school, dental care frequently falls by the wayside, Gretchen Henson, system director of advanced education in pediatric dentistry in the department of dental medicine in Interfaith Medical Center in Brooklyn, N.Y., said in a medical center news release. Tooth care is critical, but during busy college mornings, kids sometimes forget to brush. Children should see the dentist a year twice, but adequate home treatment, healthy diets and trauma prevention can make sure that children’s teeth remain healthy when they make contact with school, Henson added.Stevens. How noisy can be an fMRI scanner? The sound sounds equivalent to a ‘jack hammer’ – loud banging, knocking and buzzing. Research participants are given hearing protection to block it out, but older individuals complain a lot more than younger ones that the noise is irritating frequently. The fMRI scanner is certainly widely used for research of the aging brain, but are maturing adults at a drawback in memory testing due to the noise? It raises a potential confound or source of contamination in data results that all cognitive researchers should become aware of, Drs. Stevens and Grady explain. ‘Not only are we reporting fresh brain evidence of the well known problem of distraction in maturing, but we show that the fMRI might inherently make older adults’ cognitive performance even worse than it might be in real life, outside the scanner,’ mentioned Dr.