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Pathologist performs the autopsies feeling that the procedure valuable lessons about the inherent uncertainty , which teaches in medical practice continued Many also the feeling that autopsy is an integral part of education. And continuing education for himself and other doctors rejsningsproblemer . Suspected of pathologists feel that the autopsy an unpleasant, expensive and time-consuming task is secondary to their primary tasks of diagnosing diseases in the living room.

The review finds that autopsies are based on the most important pre – death diagnosis errors in about 30 percent of cases continues, and as such are crucial for the improvement of national mortality in the health policies. Julian Burton and Professor Sir James Underwood, The School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences at the University of Sheffield, studied the published views of physicians, pathologists, forensic scientists , and members of the public from around the world to determine whether reserves the autopsy its importance in 21st Century. They say: ‘A lot of doctors do not have the familiarity with the autopsy practices and limited knowledge of the benefits not only for grieving families, but also present and future patients. ‘.

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, causes, diagnosis Resources About Urological and kidneys DiseasesAn IgA nephropathy.This leaflet explains IgA nephropathy , a renal disease puts during IgA, fighting is a protein, take place takes place in the kidneys. In time to IgA deposits argue that the kidney exit at times sometimes protein into urine. Kidney impairment and even kidney failure, finally eventually. The information sheet describes the risk factors, symptoms, causes, diagnosis and treatment available for the condition of. For an online copy of the leaflet click here.