Although it is due to involutional chages often.

A droopy eyelid impairing vision Blepharoptosis can impair day to day activities because of obstruction of the visual axis. Although it is due to involutional chages often, it could be the presenting sign of underlying systemic disease also. Case presentation A 50-year-old girl presented to her GP complaining of droopy upper eyelids that were slowly worsening over several years . Her superior visual field was obstructed, but she could resolve this by lifting the lids manually. The eyelid droop remained constant throughout the day and she denied any discomfort, swelling, redness or lumps.Here are some food which have been shown to increase panic attacks, severe anxiety, depression or moodswings. 1. Caffeine coffee, tea, alcoholic beverages, coke stimulate an adrenal response within your body, which can lead to an increase in your anxiety levels, nervousness and insomnia. Caffeine also deplete the physical body of necessary vitamins and minerals that help balance our disposition and nervous system. Recommended dosage – significantly less than 100mg per day (one cup of percolated coffee or two diet cola beverages per day. Less than 50mg per day is preferable. 2. Glucose and refined starches A diet high in refined glucose is indicated in a variety of mood disturbances and reduced energy.