Aging population have to be included in information technology.

The psychologists recommend web designers should avoid backgrounds that induce low contrast for text message, use bigger fonts, minimize scrolling and offer navigation helps and instructional support. They also recommend designers undergo training that takes into account age-related perceptual and cognitive adjustments. The authors explain that these changes will alleviate some of the stress of learning and using fresh technologies, but it won’t eliminate difficulties all-together: ‘It really is reasonable to assume that technology will continue steadily to advance quickly,’ they concluded.* Various other sexual disease like premature ejaculation and erection dysfunction may also be responsible and so can be medical conditions like heart disease, high blood pressure, heart disease and depression. Lifestyle factors like excessive exercise, weight problems, smoking, alcoholism, drug addiction, stress and exposure to environmental toxins can lead to serious male infertility complications also. Wearing clothing that’s too restricted and causes excessive warmth in genital areas may also be hazardous to male reproductive wellness. Tackling Male Infertility Problems Lesser problems linked to male infertility can be tackled with some changes in lifestyle and taking supplemental medicine like vitamins, zinc and folic acid.