Acute kidney chronic and injury kidney disease are interconnected.

Acute kidney chronic and injury kidney disease are interconnected, say GW researchers For more than 40 years, physicians have treated diminished kidney function as two distinct syndromes: acute kidney injury and chronic kidney disease . However, latest epidemiologic and mechanistic studies suggest both syndromes are not distinct entities, but interconnected . Published today in The New England Journal of Medication, George Washington University researchers demand greater follow-up care of individuals with AKI, who often present with CKD later in life, and vice versa.

As a final point, we can state that OCT proves to become a great diagnostic device for the cardiologists for attaining better insights about the physiopathology of vulnerable atherosclerotic plaques.. Acute Coronary Syndrome Analysis with Optical Coherence Tomography A chest pain or discomfort often can be quite frightening frightens usbecause, as it is considered as a common sign of heart attacks and it stands as a significant cause for visiting the Emergency Division . Such This type of severe upper body pressure is frequently induced by the decreased flow of blood to the heart. In medical conditions, this condition is called as an Acute Coronary Syndrome – – an umbrella term used for a group of conditions connected with coronary thrombosis occurred due to unstable angina , ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction or non-ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction .