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Across Europe, hundreds of type 1 Gaucher patients receive velaglucerase alfa through early access programs, developed in partnership with national authorities, Gaucher expert physicians and patient organizations. Worldwide there are more than 850 patients continues to be strong on velaglucerase alfa and demand dosage . As a result, Shire has a program of carefully monitor demand and manage requests from physicians and patients to long-term, uninterrupted treatment with VPRIV implemented securely. The Marketing Authorisation for VPRIV in the EU is an important milestone for Shire, said Sylvie Gregoire, President of Shire Human Genetic Therapies. Our efforts to accelerate our manufacturing, the United States clinical and regulatory deadlines in VPRIV out the approval in Europe and the U.S. Months ahead of schedule. .

Gaucher disease is a rare and often debilitating disease, said Professor Tim Cox from the Department of Medicine, University of Cambridge, and founder of the largest UK Gaucher clinic Addenbrooke Hospital. The European approval of VPRIV is important that we now have an alternative, licensed therapeutic enzyme. For type 1 patients the availability of VPRIV provides further opportunities treatment options for this treatment options for this complex disease. .

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