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The study concluded a 79 a 79 % reduction in tumor volume of animals with IL-12 in comparison to control animals. Treatment allows individual cells within the flap to be encoded with IL-12 and function as a miniature factories production of the IL-12 protein in very high concentrations in the tumor site, according to the study.

Baxter has to protect the ability to rapidly large amounts of the vaccine, people against divergent H5N1 viruses can be demonstrated. .

Statisticallyew England Journal of Medicine study evaluating safety and efficacy of Baxter’s Cell-Based Pandemic, Avian Flu VaccinePhase I / II Clinical Trial ResultsThe randomized phase I / II study enrolled 284 subjects in Austria and Singapore and met its immunogenicity and safety endpoints. The study examines mainly the ability of the vaccine to induce immunity to a considerable extent in divergent H5N1 strains.. Baxter International Inc. published in the 12th Announced in June, brought together 2008 issue of The New England Journal of Medicine of data demonstrating Baxter’s candidate avian flu vaccine, CELVAPAN, Phase I / II study.The the European Respiratory Journal being which peer-reviewed scientific of publication of the European Respiratory Society .

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