Acacia Pharma raises $23.

APD421, Acacia Pharma's lead item, a D2/D3 antagonist, showed excellent efficacy in its Stage II trial, and had an excellent safety profile. We think that a drug with this novel mechanism and displaying these characteristics can provide a significant contribution to the treatment of post-surgical patients. Dr Martin Edwards of Novo A/S stated, Furthermore to APD421, Acacia Pharma has generated exceptional Phase II a proof-of-idea data on APD403 in CINV.We anticipate assisting clinicians with continuing to expand the implementation of ImmuKnow as standard of care in more effectively managing their individuals’ immunosuppression. ImmuKnow can be a biomarker of immune function that complements immunomodulatory therapy and assists physicians and other healthcare professionals more effectively manage immunosuppression in posttransplant sufferers, thereby reducing the risks of illness and rejection by: Providing a worldwide marker of immune function and response to immunosuppression at the cellular level Detecting changes in CD4 cell ATP creation Helping to define a range of steady immune function for each patient Providing critical, actionable information on an ongoing, individual basis when utilized longitudinally ImmuKnow is the FDA-cleared assay that tracks adjustments in global immune function over time.