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Natural Language ProcessingThe method is based on natural language processing and artificial intelligence techniques used to retrieve and automatically classify important information in scientific articles , abstracts primarily contained. Each article is morphologically analyzed syntactically and semantically in the search for a set of patterns, the amount of location, automatically identify the name, URL access and functionality, in some cases, the resources inputs and outputs without user intervention potency in a sentence .

Today, the scientific community has access to many online bioinformatics resources. That number is growing exponentially day by day. In biomedical research, the scientific community has generate more and more access to resources of researchers databases, software, multiple resource that should speed up scientific progress. The discovery, positioning and learn new applications a cost – especially with regard to time, that most researchers can afford. For this reason, the resources available to organize, search tasks search tasks as simple as possible. Headed by Prof. V ctor Maojo, a team of researchers from the GIB in the UPM Facultad de Inform tica (? The developed Index of resources are freely available via the web application hosted on the server.

– HSHC will be allocate special consideration develops research projects decay better understand, evaluate tooth decay and their impact on Kids oral health and / or performance of the dentifrice programs for underserved and limited access kids.

HSHC Oral Health Research Grants is multi -year honors of up to $ 100,000 per year on exceeding three years, which can be used to R & initiative consistent with the AAPD research agendas. This information can include:.