Abnormal cell division explained Why do some malignancy cells divide not really into two.

Unlike the earlier belief that tumor cells are rather steady genetically, a few years ago he could show that genetic chaos prevails using severe cancer forms. ‘The standard quantity of chromosomes in a individual cell is 46. However in tumors from skeletal and pancreatic cancer, some cells can have far less than 46 chromosomes while others have several hundred. The Lund scientists possess scrutinized these phenomena in some studies. They have already been able to demonstrate that one tumor cells get stuck in mitosis, in order that their chromosomes usually do not divide neatly in two directions, but rather get pulled apart in a disorganized way in to the daughter cells. It is because the ends of the chromosomes, the so-called telomers, have dropped their defensive exteriors.Wilson, M.D., and Billy G. Hudson, Ph.D.: Molecular Architecture of the Goodpasture Autoantigen in Anti-GBM Nephritis Goodpasture’s disease can be an organ-specific autoimmune disorder seen as a rapidly progressive glomerulonephritis, pulmonary hemorrhage, and glomerular pathological findings that include linear deposits of antibodies along the glomerular basement membrane .1,2 Lerner and colleagues3 passively transferred Goodpasture anti-GBM antibodies in a primate model, inducing glomerulonephritis and displaying an autoantibody itself can cause disease thereby.7 Two protomers associate through C-terminal NC1 domains, forming an NC1 hexamer.11 The major cross-linked hexamer is reinforced by novel sulfilimine bonds that fasten two protomers12 and should be dissociated in order for autoantibody binding that occurs.11,13 On the other hand, the hexamer that is not cross-linked could be dissociated by the antibodies themselves, and they bind to subunits.