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With HAIs raising at a substantial rate, hospitals need an innovative solution in reducing the individual and financial impact connected with these life-threatening infections, said Bernard Zovighian, Worldwide President of ASP.S.. A brief overview of governments deploying weaponized pandemics against innocent populations Throughout the span of human history, governments – – even the ones that claimed to be benevolent – – have killed millions of their own people in horrible fashion through the use of what were essentially weapons of mass destruction.Fish Fish can steady your blood glucose level, like no other. Fish is undoubtedly an improved alternative from fatty meats. Fish are rich way to obtain omega3 and vitamins fatty acids that plays key role in keeping your arteries clear. People experiencing diabetes are often noticed with high triglycerides and low level of HDL. The ‘good’ cholesterol present in fishes like salmon will help both triglycerides and HDL in balance. Whip up some yoghurt If you value to lather your meal with creamy yoghurt, here’s all the more reason for you to gorge into rich velvety yoghurt mindlessly. Yoghurt is a powerhouse of calcium and proteins. Eating calcium rich food can help you lose fat fast while maintaining your blood glucose level in balance. Include nonfat yoghurt in your everyday diet and see the spectacular results yourself.