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Furthermore to monitoring the safety of the transplanted cells, the clinicians are also carefully assessing patients – on regular follow-up appointments – for proof anatomical and useful integration of the RPE cells. The RPE level plays a central role in the health and function of the photoreceptor layer. In treating various forms of macular degeneration, such as for example dry SMD and AMD, the goal of the company's RPE cell therapy is for fix and replacement of those areas in the attention where the RPE layer has degraded with new cells, and in doing so, recapitulate the right working environment around the photoreceptor layer.The faculty is requesting community pharmacists across Australia to participate in National Medication Security Week from 7 to 13 November 2011. I actually motivate all pharmacists to take up the task and be a right part of the exciting initiative. With over 190,000 medicine-related medical center admissions in Australia every year, Dr Fois says pharmacists are in a distinctive position to assemble data that could assist in the stopping these incidents.