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It’s not clear, she added, why the trials in this evaluate found benefits: Is it the improved empathy, or the motivational interview technique, for example? And of course, people differ in what they consider a good romantic relationship with their doctor, Christensen observed. People obviously differ in just how much information they want, he said. Some individuals want greater self-administration, and view it as having even more control. Some people see it as a burden. Some people like being asked about their personal life, beyond their health condition. Some don’t. The Early Display Doctors obtain bedside manners schooling from actors CBS News correspondent Bill Whitaker reviews on how future doctors are getting some of their most valuable lessons from professional actors prete.Females said their physical discomfort was about 4.2 of 10; for guys, it was 3.75 of 10. The differences are explained by biology partly, Morris said. Traditionally, a woman has more to lose by dating the incorrect person. She risks being pregnant after even a brief encounter, he stated, whereas the man has no biological investment should he choose not to stick around. However, Morris said, ‘it is a lot more than biology.’ Breakups don’t hurt just because a person has dropped what Morris known as ‘reproductive access to somebody.’ Beyond that, he said, we experience this love and a craving for intimacy ‘psychologically.’ Women may have more initial pain, he said, due to an anxiety and stress response to the breakup.