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Diabetes, a condition where the body either not enough or respond concerns, insulin, at least 171 million people worldwide, a number that is likely to double by 2030. Long-term complications of diabetes include cardiovascular disease, chronic renal failure, retinal damage that can lead to blindness, nerve damage and blood vessel damage erectile dysfunction erectile dysfunction and poor wound healing.

Triple – Negative ‘ Breast Cancer Subtype and reduced survival rate for Puerto Rican womenPuerto Rican women who lacked breast cancer, estrogen and progesterone receptors and did not overexpress the Her2neu protein had worse survival than those with other of invasive breast cancer of invasive breast cancer according to a study at the Third AACR conference on the Science of Cancer Health disparities, presented to 30th September – 3 October 2013.The letter from published in Nature, they said merely people with a certain version of the key gene can be protected.

The researchers are are not sure why this happened but there are speculation that it can be purchased about improvements in hygiene.

They found that the virus acts into the body features by immune cells are through an receptor called TIM-1. This receptor is regulated by the TIM – 1 gene.