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In addition, treatment rates are lower than those found a decade earlier slightly, where 23.5 % of those with lifetime dependence and 13.8 % of those with dependence in the previous 12 months sought treatment. Alcohol abuse and dependence remain extremely prevalent and disabling, the authors conclude. Persistent low treatment rates given the option of effective remedies indicate the need for vigorous education efforts for the general public and professionals.To help develop this A-to-Z set of what’s wrong with America, we tapped into the collective wisdom of our Facebook fans By the real way, just in case you feel more optimistic today , we also have an A to Z set of what’s right with America! A to Z of what’s wrong with America – The listA is normally for Aspartame – The magic powder that turns diet plan soda into mind poison. B is for Bailout money – Because all we need is another trillion dollars really. C is for Codex Alimentarius – Because most of us need to be safeguarded from dangerous vitamin supplements, right? D is normally for Dumbing Down – Regardless of how uneducated the youngsters are, almost always there is a public school ready to compromise its specifications sufficient to let them move.