3 easy ways to look after your eyes Imagine a complete day without being in a position to see.

See a expert / ophthalmologist at an eyes care hospital in Gurgaon and observe what he / she must say about your attention health. 1 Look away from your personal computer screen, every 20 minutes or so Staring at your personal computer screen for extended hours could cause: Eye strain Dry eye Blurry vision Headache Discomfort in neck, back again, and shoulder Therefore, we suggest you never to stare your personal computer screen for long hours; instead, you should provide rest to your eyes every 20 minutes or so by looking far away object for approximately 20 secs.This deletion outcomes in the gain of an XmnI restriction-endonuclease site, which was used to verify the DNA sequence abnormality and show cosegregation of the deletion with the condition in the 10 affected users from four generations of the kindred .404 resulting in a Leu135Gln missense substitution, which altered a TspRI restriction-endonuclease site that was used to verify the mutation . S2A in the Supplementary Appendix), indicated that the Ile200del and L135Q abnormalities were probably GNA11 mutations instead of polymorphic variants. S2A in the Supplementary Appendix)., and Fig. S2A and S2B in the Supplementary Appendix).