announced that it provides purchased patents and property from Germany-centered Orphatec Pharmaceuticals GmbH related to an investigational therapy for individuals with molybdenum cofactor insufficiency Type A, a devastating ultra-uncommon genetic disorder seen as a severe brain harm and rapid death in newborns. Orphatec is definitely a kept development-stage biotechnology business with headquarters in Cologne privately, Germany. In addition, Alexion has established a research collaboration with crucial MoCD researchers from Orphatec to accelerate development of the investigational therapy.?..But that’s only because those people don’t know what UK researchers are really with the capacity of . Through the entire scientific community, ethical boundaries have been obliterated in the quest for profits. So long as there’s money on the table, it appears, no violation of character, God or just plain common sense will stand in the way of a group of mad researchers trying to feed their maniacal egos. As another striking example, Dr. Jonas Salk, the famous programmer of the polio vaccine, was actually a medical criminal who carried out illegal medical experiments on mental patients without their consent ( NaturalNews offers documented a partial background of ‘scientific’ medical experiments on humans that shows the shocking depths of the horrifying branch of so-called ‘science.’ Start to see the list yourself at and What’s obvious is that medical ‘science’ respects no ethical boundaries and routinely tries to play God with genes, seeds and medicines to make more money – – all while putting the entire planet at risk from a runaway organism that escapes from the labs.