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To judge in one of the first studies of gender differences in cognitive performance in nonhuman primates, researchers at the Yerkes National Primate Research Center found the tendency of attractions for navigation is typical only females.

The researchers varied the consistency of the food locations and the presence of colored markers on target bait boxes so that they could assess the monkeys and storage. Use of spatial arrangement and markers – When both spatial and marker information were available, the performance does not differ by sex or prenatal treatment, said Herman. As a prominent landmark directly specify correct locations, a multi-disciplinary spatial information is unreliable, women perform better than men, she continued. Male subjects whose testosterone exposure had been blocked early in the pregnancy longer able the the landmarks to navigate, were as control male.At MSU, 1000 participants 50 individuals study that study, which will testing 1,000 participants nationwide. Henry and his team are of researchers who of the departments Psychiatrie und Family Medicine and of the Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute search test subjects for the study.

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