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100 percent of Inc. To develop Broad Spectrum Influenza Drug to include H1N1 and H5N1 Type A strainsLakewood – Amedex Inc. The anti-infectives biopharmaceutical company an unique portfolio of anti-bacterial and anti – viral products including NuBiotics, a new family of synthetic antibacterial compounds and anti-virus products against hepatitis, HIV and influenza, announced today that it speeds up development of its broad spectrum anti-influenza product into clinical trials lisää .

Mr. Parkinson explained that the LA product does not work like a vaccine that stimulates the human host’s immune system to produce specific antibodies to the specific viral strain composing the vaccine. Instead nRNA product contains a plurality of short oligonucleotide sequences, which are mirror images to unique sites on the viral mRNA from the viral replicative genes. If the nRNA comes into contact with its specific target, hybridized with the viral mRNA locking this mRNA and prevent the production of viable viral replicative proteins. Robbed this is not reproduce , and did not, and did not spread and infect other cells. Paul Ditullio, lead scientist for Lakewood – Amedex said, We are basically shutting down the virus in the infected person by targeting the highly conserved replicative genes we have a product that should be used for years , even if the virus mutates. We also hitting several genetic sites and the chances of them all mutated in the same season is minimal even if the H1N1 strain is recombination undergo with the deadly H5N1 strain of our product shut down yet Ditullio added: . That the limitation the limitation with vaccines to stimulate antibody production in the host against the surface antigens of the virus, but unfortunately it is the surface antigens that mutate most of the time require a new vaccine to developed our product works independently of surface antigen mutation .

When analysis on women who are actively trying to get pregnant was restricted, the researchers found that they had only half as often get pregnant in a certain month where they high levels of PBDEs in her blood. We are not dealing with infertility, only subfertility, because all women in our study eventually became pregnant, Harley said. Body mass index we contained infertile couple in this study, it is possible that we are have not seen an even stronger as from PBDE exposition. It is clear how PBDEs may fruitfulness fertility -. A range of Studies in animals have shows that PBDE could affect neurodevelopment to reduce thyroid hormone and also change levels of sex hormones. Both high and low thyroid hormones can disrupt normal menstrual model in the humans, but this study did not find a link between PBDEs exposure and irregular menstrual cycle.