000 genes help determine body weight Reporting in the online journal BMC Genetics.

Palop, PhD, lead author of one of the papers. That transformation requires proteins that help strengthen the synapses between neurons. These important proteins, including two called Fos and Arc, were found to be depleted in mice that produced Alzheimer’s-related Ab peptides in the brain. The investigators have good leads on exactly how the memory space proteins are depleted in Alzheimer’s disease, adds Jeannie Chin, PhD, lead writer of the companion paper. They can see that changing the activity of the enzyme Fyn can significantly alter the susceptibility of granule cells to the Ab-induced depletion of memory space proteins. Fyn is located at the synapses strategically, where it regulates the experience of many memory-related proteins, explains Chin. Palop, Chin and Mucke will present their work at Neuroscience 2005, the Culture for Neuroscience’s 35th Annual Meeting, to be held in Washington, DC, 12-16 November..Acacia Pharma provides previously generated positive Phase IIa medical data when the drug was presented with prophylactically to cancer individuals getting treated with the HEC, cisplatin. These data showed APD403 gets the potential to be an effective anti-emetic, controlling nausea particularly, the major unmet need. Dr Gabriel Fox, Acacia Pharma's Chief Medical Officer commented: ‘We are delighted to be working with an outstanding international band of investigators, including a few of the world's leading authorities on CINV.